A Dandy Shoot

A Dandy Shoot

HAPPY 2018! Finally 2017 has come to an end. I am kind of sad about it because it was a great year. Now that the new year has arrived, it´s time to really take everything to the next level. Not only will I be turning 25 this year which kind of makes me scared at times, Social For Business will turn 1 year old. In our current society you need to have the perfect job, house, relationship and look. With this in mind, it makes me wonder how perfect my life actually is because there are so many things I still want to achieve.


I always feel the pressure to do better and more and never really reflect on the things that actually went really well. During this new years eve, I actually took some time to reflect on those things and I am happy I did. Even though there are still so many goals I want to achieve, I also took so many steps to work towards those dreams in 2017. What I want will never be achieved in one go, month or year so it’s normal that I am still finding my way. I should be more proud of the things I have done already. One of those is this Photoshoot.


It was the first photoshoot I had with Matthys & Lenny and it has been published. So this is a really good achievement. Also, I just really enjoy looking at these photos so without further ado:


Models: Lenny Kruider & Matthys van Kuyvenhoven by Embrace Modelmanagement
MUA: Matthys van Kuyvenhoven
Styling & Photography: Suzan Alberts

Suzan Alberts
Suzan Alberts

Hi guys! My name is Suzan Alberts and I live in Rotterdam! As a young girl my parents moved to Curacao and obviously I went with them. There my passion for the unknown started growing. I love exploring new places, finding the hidden paths on the side of the road and experience new things. When I grew up my goal became to work in the film-industry in Los Angeles, like a lot of people! I love to dream away in movies and picture myself working at beautiful filmsets. That´s why I decided to start with my Media and Entertainment Studies in my hometown! That resulted in an amazing internship in Los Angeles at Dick Clark Productions, a company known for The Golden Globes, Billboard Awards & various other award shows such as the ACMA's and The Streamy Awards. I had the time of my life and after I came back in The Netherlands, I started to develop my creative skills more and more. After I graduated, I started working as an online marketeer for Dutch Basics. I took photos for social-media, wrote blogs and updated all their social-media pages everyday. That is where my passion for fashion and writing started to grow. After that I started working as a Marketing and PR Manager at My Brand Amsterdam, a Dutch Clothing label. Now I own my own business called Social For Business and want to conquer the world with social media and video! Because I missed writing and photography too much, I started my own blog to show you my view on this world!

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