My name is Suzan Alberts and I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands! As a young girl my parents moved to Curacao and took me with them. There my passion for the unknown started growing. I love exploring new places, finding the hidden paths on the side of the road and experience new things.

When I grew up my goal was to work in the film-industry in Los Angeles, like a lot of people! I loved to dream away in movies and picture myself working at beautiful filmsets. That´s why I decided to start with my Media and Entertainment Studies in my hometown! This resulted in an amazing internship in Los Angeles at Dick Clark Productions, a company known for The Golden Globes, Billboard Awards & various other award shows such as the ACMA’s and The Streamy Awards. I had the time of my life and after I came back in The Netherlands, I started to develop my creative skills more and mor

After I graduated, I started working as an online marketeer for Dutch Basics. I took photos for social-media, wrote blogs and updated all their social-media pages everyday. I even went to Paris Fashion Week. That is where my passion for photography started to grow. After 6 months I thought it was time for a Master Studies at Utrecht University. This however was only books, reading and history so after 7 months I decided to quit my studies and continue working because photography and being on set was more my passion then reading about film in the ’20s. I started working as a Marketing and PR Manager at My Brand Amsterdam, a Dutch Clothing label.

At My Brand I developed my photography more and more but I missed making video’s. Now I own my business called Social For Business and work as a freelance photographer! This way I can combine my passion for video and photography! I am represented by North West Agency. To contact my agency you can sent an email to: patrick@northwestagency.nl