It all started in 2015. I started working as an online marketeer for Dutch Basics. Part of the job? Photography! I just got a new camera a year ago and had no idea how to use it but I did love Photography ever since I got my first camera. I remember that it was always with me: parties, school, beach days; my camera was always with me!

At Dutch Basics I really developed my skills and after that I photographed for other companies and started to work at another Dutch brand for which I had to do the photography! I started my own blog, this website, and wrote about fashion and beauty. Part of that you can still see on this website. After a while I grew out of the blogging industry and realized that instead of writing about me, I love to write about other people and show my Photography work. What defines my Photography? I like dreamy shots and vintage vibes. What defines me on set? An easygoing set, good with people and most of all: not judgmental so people can totally be themselves.

On my Instagram I have a nice following. I share my photography work on this social medium. Down below you can find one of the video’s I made for my Instagram in collaboration with a few brands, perhaps I will focus on video soon too 😉 I shoot with Canon and I have experience with flash and studio photography! I focus on Fashion & Portraits but have experience with different types of photography also.