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My name is Suzan Alberts and I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands! When I was a young girl my parents moved to Curacao and took me with them. There my passion for the unknown started growing. I loved exploring new places, finding the hidden paths on the side of the road and I loved to experience new things. Always with my camera by my side. A small compact camera that I took everywhere.

When I grew up my goal was to work in the film-industry in Los Angeles, like a lot of people! I loved to dream away in movies and pictured myself working on beautiful filmsets. That´s why I decided to start with my Media and Entertainment Studies in my hometown! During my studies I had the opportunity to do an internship and this resulted in an amazing internship in Los Angeles at Dick Clark Productions, a company known for The Golden Globes, Billboard Awards & various other award shows such as the ACMA’s and The Streamy Awards. I had the time of my life and after I came back in The Netherlands, I started to develop my creative skills more and more.

After I graduated in 2015, I started working as an online marketeer for Dutch Basics. I took photos for their social-media outlets, wrote blogs for their website and helped with PR-activities and events. I even went to Paris Fashion Week with Dutch Basics. That is where my passion for photography started to grow. At Dutch Basics I was introduced to Fashion Photography and I enjoyed it greatly. After 6 months of working for Dutch Basics, I thought it was time for a Master Studies at Utrecht University to continue my dream to work in film. My Master Studies, however, was only books, reading and history so after 7 months I decided to quit my studies and continue working. I started working for My Brand Amsterdam, a Dutch Clothing label.

At My Brand I developed my photography more and more. I took pictures for their social outlets and worked as an PR and Marketing Manager. After I few months I realized that marketing was not my passion but video and photography was. I quit my job and started freelancing. Now I own my business called Social For Business. With Social For Business I deliver the hostesses and models in town and create video’s for brands. But most of the time I work as a freelance photographer! I love creating images of people that they enjoy. To show their best selves. But in fashion I love to create dreamy images with colors that pop off your screen. My clients include fashion brands such as Burker Watches, Sapph Lingerie, Strelam Apparel, Explicit Menswear, French Connection and WE fashion. Also I work for businesses such as 125 procent, Faber Betonpompen, AVDR, Gastvrijheid in bedrijf, Farber & Zwaanshals and various freelancers who need pictures for their website.