Dreams in Venice, Italy.

Hi everyone!

Welcome on my site/blog and thanks for watching the video I made together with Lotte and Matthew! This is my first post so I am super nervous about it! I really, really want to do things differently so I haven’t been calling myself a blogger! So what will I be doing?

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This site
It all started in my mind. Envisioning, thinking about how I can make a difference. A creative outlet, a place where I can express myself and the way I see the world. So who am I?  I am Suzan Alberts! After browsing through blogs and seeing bloggers posting pictures for brands I realized I missed something. A third dimension to make the pictures come to live; video. With that in my mind, I found myself a dedicated and creative team. A young team that specializes in making video and photos for brands! That is the main goal of our team, to create beautiful videos about brands and our travels! Matthew is our experienced director of photography and Lotte and I create the concepts and work them out on the blog.

Our first video: Venice
For the launch of this website, I want to share with you a video I made while I was on a holiday with Lotte in Venice. Due to work and festivals, Lotte and I only had one week to take a break and travel which basicly meant that we could only go in like the most expensive week in August. We saw a really good deal to Venice and were both really excited to go because we had never been there! We hadn’t really planned to see anything so it was a really laid back trip, as you can see in the video! We enjoyed the food, the view and mostly walked around a lot! After two days we didn’t know what to do anymore so we asked a local girl named Chiara (if you ever read this, please add us on Facebook and thanks so much for all your lovely tips and getting us chips when there was no place to get pizza of fries haha!). She told us to go to Padova, a small city near Venice! We took the train there and it was really lovely! If you are ever in the area, I recommend going there! We went to a beautiful Chapel where I met a very sweet, older Italian guy who was really passionate about the drawings in the Chapel! He explained the painters view to me in Italian and it was so funny to communicate with eachother without speaking the same language! Those moments always fill my heart with joy because I get positive energy from people who are kind and willing to explain stuff to you, even tho you might not understand them right away! He was so paitient with me and so happy when I understood what he was explaining haha!

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Travel tips for Venice
So what should you do when you are in Venice? Here are my tips:

1. Enjoy love! In Venice, it seems love is everywhere. I have never seen so many people in love before. Also the people in Italy are so nice and helpfull! A guy almost missed his train to explain to us how to get to Mestre (a  local train station there)!

2. Eat. Probably a must do in Italy. Leave all your diets and healthy food at home and enjoy the country that has the best pasta, pizza and ice cream! We had ice cream everyday haha! Also I had a really good cannoli with chocolate! We did like the food in Padova better, it seems like people took more time to prepare food there and to actually enjoy eating it while in Venice everybody was more in a hurry due to all the tourists that were all over the place. There is this pizza place near the chapel in Padova that was really really good! Lotte and I shared a pizza for lunch and I think it was probably the best food we had during our trip!

3. Go to Padova! Padova is such a nice city! You can enjoy old buildings, ancient Roman culture, the chapel, FOOD (Chiara also told is there is great Chinese food if you want to try something else. Chiara is Chinese so if she says it’s good, it must be really really good right?!) but also the people were lovely! I went to a bakery to get some stuff for my parents and brother back home. The lady in the bakery recommended some sort of big cookie because it was a Padova specialty and it was so good!! Also the cannoli was jummy!

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I hope you guys have enjoyed our video in Venice! Over the next week both Lotte and I will be sharing three posts about the outfits we were wearing and the brands behind it so stay tuned for that!! I would love it, if you guys leave a reaction in this post! I love to interact with everybody on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook so if you have anything to say please share!!!!

I want to thank Kikiques for making this website happen! Thank you for always helping me out with my questions! You are the best!!

With love,




Suzan Alberts
Suzan Alberts

Hi guys! My name is Suzan Alberts and I live in Rotterdam! As a young girl my parents moved to Curacao and obviously I went with them. There my passion for the unknown started growing. I love exploring new places, finding the hidden paths on the side of the road and experience new things. When I grew up my goal became to work in the film-industry in Los Angeles, like a lot of people! I love to dream away in movies and picture myself working at beautiful filmsets. That´s why I decided to start with my Media and Entertainment Studies in my hometown! That resulted in an amazing internship in Los Angeles at Dick Clark Productions, a company known for The Golden Globes, Billboard Awards & various other award shows such as the ACMA's and The Streamy Awards. I had the time of my life and after I came back in The Netherlands, I started to develop my creative skills more and more. After I graduated, I started working as an online marketeer for Dutch Basics. I took photos for social-media, wrote blogs and updated all their social-media pages everyday. That is where my passion for fashion and writing started to grow. After that I started working as a Marketing and PR Manager at My Brand Amsterdam, a Dutch Clothing label. Now I own my own business called Social For Business and want to conquer the world with social media and video! Because I missed writing and photography too much, I started my own blog to show you my view on this world!

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