Meet The People: NonStopNikki

Meet The People: NonStopNikki

A couple of weeks I had a photoshoot with Nikki from NonStopNikki! You can read more about her now!


So, tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi, my name is Nikki. I’m 21 years old and just finished my degree in International Business and Management. I started my blog about one year ago and now that I am finished my education I want to fully focus on my blog. I mainly want to focus on traveling, fashion and lifestyle. To achieve this, my goal is to visit as many beautiful places.


Okay, cool! And how did you start with  your Instagram?
My current Instagram account I have, I’ve had for almost a year. Of course I had Instagram before that, but I used to share an account with one of my friends. I liked it so much I decided to set up my own account. I bought a camera and made my account just before I went to Bali so that I knew my photos would look heavenly. The key is having some content and knowing what you are going to post. Beside, I was lucky because I already knew a few other big bloggers and people at PR agencies,  so I knew that ‘world’.


In what way have you changed?
I think it made me more spontaneous. I know a lot of bloggers personally who I’ve met via Instagram. I  am also more confident then I used to be. Trying to make good photos every single day for Instagram, made me feel better in my skin. Sometimes  doing your make-up and putting on some cool outfit is not what you feel like doing, but afterwards when I see the results I am happy. 


What is your vision on the blogging industry?
I like this industry. Everybody is free to create their own style and hard work really pays off. I also do not feel rivalry, and I like that. Bloggers work together in different ways. They make photos together, there are work spots specially for girl bosses and we even have Facebook pages where we can ask each other for help. 


Do you think buying followers is a go or no – go?
No-go. I think it is ridiculous. It is cheating. It is also annoying when you work hard yourself to gain followers and people ask you; ‘did you buy followers? Or did you buy more likes?’. The Reliability of Instagrammers reduces this way…


And what do you think about the amount of photoshop that people use?
I find it a pity that the reality mirrors itself differently. I have read some articles saying that Instagrammers photoshop themselves somewhere in New York while there sitting on the couch in their home in for example The Netherlands. Call yourself a photoshopper and not a travel blogger.


Which filter to you use?
I don’t use filters. I play around with light, brightness and contrast. I have tried to give all my photos the same filter so that my Instagram would be serene. But for me it did not work because I thought that some photos were ruined with filters on it.


Do you have some tips for Instagram?
Be yourself. There are tons of people on Instagram and with copying people you won’t make it. 


Do you suffer a lot of envy between instagrammers?
No not at all actually. We help and support each other. 


Why did you start for yourself?
I used to share an instagram account with a friend of mine. I liked it so much I wanted to make a business out of it. The combination of photographing and writing I find huge fun. Every assignment is different and I work with different people everyday. Not a day is the same for me!


Where do you  find your fashion inspiration?
Most of the time I look on Pinterest or other blogger accounts. Then I find a way to give it my own twist. I often look back on outfits I wore to see what I think works and does not work. Recently it is possible to save posts on instagram and I do this as well for more inspiration.


What is your for girls to grow their Instagram?
Hard work pays off. Keep having content ready to post. Know when to post en be consistent. If your followers do not know when you are going to post a picture or when your are quiet for a week without a reason. That just won’t work. 


What are your plans for the future?
Forthcoming year I want to see how far I can make it with instagram and my blog. I definitely want to get a part or full time job out of it. 


What is your best beauty tip?
I am certainly not a beauty goeroe but what I have learned is that taking 5 minutes to do your make up works. My essentials are my bronzer, mascara and highlighter.  It’s also very important to take care of your skin. Even if it is late at night, always clean your skin!


Which products do you prefer?
When I go out I always wear a nude colour on my lips. Usually ‘Faux, Twig or Spirit’ by Mac. My highlighter ‘Soft & Gentle’ also by Mac. To clean my face I often use a cleansing brush.

Blog by: Isabelle van Gelderen
Pictures by: Suzan Alberts

Suzan Alberts
Suzan Alberts

Hi guys! My name is Suzan Alberts and I live in Rotterdam! As a young girl my parents moved to Curacao and obviously I went with them. There my passion for the unknown started growing. I love exploring new places, finding the hidden paths on the side of the road and experience new things. When I grew up my goal became to work in the film-industry in Los Angeles, like a lot of people! I love to dream away in movies and picture myself working at beautiful filmsets. That´s why I decided to start with my Media and Entertainment Studies in my hometown! That resulted in an amazing internship in Los Angeles at Dick Clark Productions, a company known for The Golden Globes, Billboard Awards & various other award shows such as the ACMA's and The Streamy Awards. I had the time of my life and after I came back in The Netherlands, I started to develop my creative skills more and more. After I graduated, I started working as an online marketeer for Dutch Basics. I took photos for social-media, wrote blogs and updated all their social-media pages everyday. That is where my passion for fashion and writing started to grow. After that I started working as a Marketing and PR Manager at My Brand Amsterdam, a Dutch Clothing label. Now I own my own business called Social For Business and want to conquer the world with social media and video! Because I missed writing and photography too much, I started my own blog to show you my view on this world!

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