Meet the people: Veerle Wijnen

Portrait Photoshoot of Veerle Wijnen in Rotterdam

Meet the people: Veerle Wijnen

She is 19, she has a amazing following on Instagram and she works internationally as a make-up artist. If you are from Rotterdam, you must have heard from her: Veerle Wijnen. A couple of weeks ago, I had a video shoot and met her because Imagine By Kim, the store she is working for, lend me the clothes for the shoot. 


The first thing you see when you meet her is her perfect make-up. I am someone who hardly knows how to blend eyeshadow but I do appreciate a good pair of lashes and someone who puts effort in the way they look. Not very common in The Netherlands. I met her while she was at work at Imagine By Kim and she helped me with picking out some clothes for my video shoot. I thought I already followed her on Instagram. I search for her on Instagram (to stalk her gorgeous make-up looks) and then notice I don’t follow her yet so I start following her again. She amazes me with her gorgeous make-up and flawless skin. ”I need to write about her!!” is the first thought that comes to my mind!


Veerle Wijnen shot by Suzan Alberts


A small detour
As a young girl, Veerle dreams of going to college in The United States. However due to some problems with math, she is forced to take a step down and has to choose something different. At the age of 16, she doesn’t really know what to do with her life yet and what kind of profession she wants to practice in the future. That’s why she decides to have a year off to figure stuff out. She decides to study make-up and styling for a year at the Dutch Institute for Beauty. This way she can learn about something she has always loved: make-up and styling.


While all her friends start going to college, Veerle decides not to continue her studies at a college or University. Doing make-up starts going really well after a few months. It all started with her studies. She posted pictures of her work during this one year education at the Dutch Institute for Beauty and slowly things started picking up: ”During my studies, I shared a lot of pictures of models I worked with in class and for grades. People started to notice what I was doing and what my profession was. This was a huge advantage for me. People get to see how you work and what your work looks like. Besides doing make-up, I used to work at Men At Work to make some extra money. One of the guys I worked with asked me to do make-up for a flyer for one of his events. That’s how I got my first job. After that, things started to go really well. People started to book me for shoots more and more and at the age of 17, I started to work as a freelancer.” she shares.


She is happy with her choice.”Make-up is my passion. I love bringing out the best in people. How it makes them feel and how happy it makes them. For example during a wedding: making the bride look gorgeous. It will always be one of the best days of her life and I got to make her feel extra special. With a fashion shoot it is a completely different atmosphere. You create something together. The models are the highlight of the shoot and are the center of attention. To create something amazing with the models, stylist, photographer, designers and hairstylist is such an amazing feeling” she explains on what she loves about make-up.


Veerle Wijnen shot by Suzan Alberts

Growing up fast
She certainly doesn’t have the typical lifestyle of a teenager: ”All my friends went to college or University while I was working fulltime. They just recently started to work fulltime while I have been doing that from a very young age. I was 17 when I started working independently. That is why I had to grow up so fast, I had to become mature at a young age.”


Personally I think it’s an interesting topic: whether or not you should get an eduction or not. More and more, people emerge that have not completed an eduction and sometimes I do wonder what is best for you. I ask her if she could recommend not going to college or University: ”You have to pick the option that is best for you. I don’t think it is always necessary to take certain, plannend out, steps in order to achieve your goal. You are never too old to learn either. If you want to do something differently at the age of 26, you can. Is everything else you have done  so far a waste of your time? I don’t think so because you always have to find something that you love doing. Don’t do something you are forced to do and don’t like, that is a waste of time in my eyes. Do your own thing and follow your own path and then you will find a way.” She answers.

Veerle Wijnen shot by Suzan Alberts


Working in ”The Industry”
It is a very interesting industry to work in: fashion and entertainment. Personally I am not always sure what to think about it. How hard some people can be and how much you have to prove yourself in order to get some respect. Veerle however has a very refreshing and positive take on it: ”I think it’s an industry with a lot of creativity and I love it! You can always grow and learn so much from working with other people! It is very important that people are on your good side because they will help you grow. Especially in this industry it is all about who you know and if they like you. Due to your network, you can get new jobs! Personally I think it’s a type of industry where people really support each others work and this is something I really enjoy.”


Where does she get her creativity from? Veerle explains: ”I follow a lot of MUA’s on Instagram and watch their tutorials on YouTube. Then I mix that with my own personal style and that’s how you get new idea’s. However on most jobs you get a moodboard and need to use your skills to recreate that look. It’s really important to have good technique and experience in order to work like that.”


So what are her future plans? Veerle has a very good point of view of what she wants to do in the future. Something I really love in people. She says: ”So far all my jobs have been really awesome. There is always something new and exciting I get to do. The teams I work with are always different and you get to meet new people. The most exciting part is traveling! One of my clients is Nederlandse Spoorwegen International(the Dutch trains). This job makes me travel in Europe. I have been to cities such as London, Paris, Dusseldorf and Brussels. I am not in the top of the industry yet but I do work for names such as Armin van Buuren, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and if course ”De NS”. My goal is to work for TV or really big names. That would be so awesome! If course I want to work more international too. I am already up to a good head start and hope to have achieved my goals in two years!”

Veerle Wijnen shot by Suzan Alberts


Make-up tips!
Obviously I couldn’t end my piece on Veerle without asking her for some make-up tips and share them with you! She loves to use MAC but also works with other brands she loves. On make-up tips she says: ”Make-up has no rules. Try to experiment with what you think is beautiful on yourself. Try to keep in mind that make-up doesn’t always have to be very expensive. You can buy a lot of budget-proof brands and create a gorgeous look with it. Everyone is different and has a different shape and skin. Just try to find something that suits you. You can do that by practicing a lot and trying a lot of new brands.


During the shoot and after the shoot Veerle has been a source of positive energy. She is very honest and down to earth. I loved working with her because she is funny and very mature. She had no crazy demands during the shoot and was pretty much open to anything. I think she is an amazing person to work with. Very positive and can highly recommend her! Her make-up looks amazing and her easygoing character makes it an enjoyable experience to work with her. Check out her Instagram @veerlewijnen and make sure to stay up to date on this girl because she is going places!


Veerle Wijnen

Veerle Wijnen by Suzan Alberts

Suzan Alberts
Suzan Alberts

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