Shoot for MoonRose Official

Photoshoot for MoonRose Official

Shoot for MoonRose Official

Last week I had a photoshoot for MoonRose Official. Four models, four locations and a lot of new items! I had a great time even though the weather wasn’t really in our favor. Today I want to share more about MoonRose and the shoot!

So what is MoonRose Official? MoonRose is a new webshop from The Netherlands. Check it out here: Why shop at MoonRose when there are so many webshops already? She has the essentials you need with a classic touch. I already shot for MoonRose last April and what I noticed was that the items they sell are of great quality and have the perfect fit. Usually I have a very expressive taste and hardly ever like the clothes I shoot but with MoonRose I really like the way everything looks. It really surprises me how good the clothes look on the models. They fit perfectly and look like you bought them at a very expensive boutique. All of the items you buy at MoonRose are easy to style and are timeless so you can keep on wearing them for years! The clothes look like all of those clothes you see on Pinterest but never really seem to find in any store.


So what about this years collection? Think gorgeous and soft trenchcoats, the perfect leather pants and a lammy coat you have to check out! I love how you can style the items to your own personal style. With one of the models the items look cool and with the other very chique and clean. One of my favourite items is the Lammy Coat you can see in the picture above and the Leather Pants because you can style them with so many different items and they are very wearable this winter. During the shoot, the weather takes a turn and while in the morning there was so much sun, now it starts raining. We have to think fast and change our scenery. We decide to go to a parking spot. Roos, the owner, gives me one of her coats so I can wear them during the shoot. I am so happy she brought it with her because now I am not dying from the cold anymore. Because everything was arranged so well, I am still happy with the results. The styling matches and the models have been working really hard!


Who is MoonRose?
So who is behind MoonRose? A girl named Roos van der Blom. I think Roos and I met three years ago when I started working for House of Kent. She was working there too and boy was I impressed by her. She is one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever met. She looks so classy and angelic and besides that she is friendly and kind. When you see Roos you kind of think she has it all. I kind of assumed she would be super confident but actually she is very modest and gentle. I always enjoy working with her because she always helps you with everything and we have the best conversations! We are both so down to earth and normal and I love that about her! The modesty is misplaced. She is amazing! I love what she has done with MoonRose! The website looks so good and professional. Not like many other webshops I have seen.

Personally I feel that MoonRose is a brand for everyone who needs essentials with an extra touch. Not the basic items you shop at your average store but a little bit more classy. MoonRose offers a great selection of timeless pieces that you can wear over and over again. The quality of the products is really great. Especially the coats and jackets this year are amazing. The trenchcoat is perfect for any occasion and the lammy coat is just amazing. You can style them with black jumpers and perfect fitting jeans. Everything is put together so well and the quality, again, is amazing.

Why MoonRose?
So why did Roos start MoonRose? ”It was always a dream of mine to start my own webshop. I used to have a big crush on heels and was always designing them. I started MoonRose because I missed something. I missed a place where you can buy beautiful essentials for an affordable price. I missed the classy items combined with the more street ones without having to pay 500 euro’s for it.  My coats for example go for about €79,95 and have great quality” Roos explains.

I can totally see why Roos is one of the faces of her webshop. She wears her clothes effortless and everything looks so good on her. The most important thing for her? Roos answers ”I want to be able to wear the clothes myself. If I can see myself wearing it, I know it’s perfect for my webshop.” The quality of her clothes truely translates to her target group. One of the people spotted in MoonRose is Dutch Vlogger Laura Ponticorvo. Besides that Instagrammers are dying to work with her and it’s hard for MoonRose to keep up with all the messages she gets for promotions.

Own designs
But Roos has more to come. Her plans for the future seem really exciting and I can’t wait for her to start working on them. She tells me: ”During my studies (Fashion & Commerce) I learned how to design my own items. My goal is to design my own pieces for MoonRose. I want to start with t-shirts, sweaters and well… eventually the heels I mentioned earlier. That is a dream of mine. Besides that I want to see MoonRose grow into a bigger name internationaly.” I honestly can’t wait for her to start designing because she already has a high quality webshop. I think it will be amazing! Thanks for an amazing day :)!






Suzan Alberts
Suzan Alberts

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