Walking on air

Walking on air

Never ever did I think that this day would actually come. Today’s post is about something that I usually hate and never thought I would actually own one day. This all sounds pretty dramatic, but I really have a very strong opinion about today’s subject. I will just cut right to the chase, today’s post is about Nike Air Max.


Nike Airmax used to be, and actually still are, my worst nightmare. I guess I just hate everything about them, the huge sole, the shape, the horrific colours on most of them and maybe also the association I have with a lot of people that wear Air Max. Excuse my french, I didn’t mean to sound judgemental, but there is just something about Air Max that I really hate. They are the kind of shoes that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I always told my friends that if I ever bought Nike Air Max, they were allowed to slap me in the face.


Well, guess what, the day came. I bought Air Max. Didn’t get slapped luckily enough. I spotted these all white Nike Air Max 90’s at the Nike Outlet in Utrecht. They are actually kids shoes, but lucky for me, these come in a size 38,5 as well. I think I walked pass them the first couple of times, because I just couldn’t cope with the fact that I was actually into them. Well, after walking by 4 times, I decided to try them on. Two things happened that I didn’t expect: 1) they fit, 2) they actually looked kind of nice. Against all odds they actually make my feet look smaller. Still don’t know how that’s possible. I wasn’t convinced about the fact that I would actually wear them, but with a €30 price tag I guess that’s not even necessary.


In the end, I am very happy with this purchase. To be honest, I haven’t worn them that much yet, but they are really (REALLY!) comfortable. Finally I am able to mingle in this discussion, halleluja. So, if you recognize yourself in this Air Max struggle, I suggest you try them on! I’m a happy customer!


PS. Love these pics Suzan took!

















Lotte Hoek

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