Business, Beauty &
Fashion Photographer

Suzan Alberts

My name is Suzan Alberts (28) and I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands! I currently have my own studio in Rotterdam where I work for various clients.


I have been working as a freelance photographer since 2017 and focus mainly on portraits of people. Whether it’s business portraits, beauty portraits or fashion portraits: I love taking people’s picture and showing their individual and unique strengths! 

As a 17 year old I even considered applying to the academy of arts but was too afraid to try. I ended up in marketing and started working as a freelancer. When my business partner quit our business and told me she didn’t believe in me, my parents told me to try photography because I liked it so much. I was afraid to even try but still decided to try. The rest is history! 🙂 Three years later, I work as a fulltime photographer and have worked with numerous entrepreneurs, influencers and brands! 


My work has been published in Vogue NL, Digifoto Pro and on Kamera Express.