Business, Beauty &
Fashion Photographer

Suzan Alberts

My name is Suzan Alberts (27) and I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands! I currently have my own studio in Rotterdam where I work for various clients. 


I have been working as a freelance photographer since 2017 and focus mainly on portraits of people. Whether it's business portraits, beauty portraits or fashion portraits: I love taking people's picture and showing their individual and unique strengths! 

Fashion & Beauty

In fashion & beauty, I love to create dreamy images with colors that pop off your screen. Pictures that represent strength, positivity and authenticity. I like to work with a diverse group of models that represent the different cultures within our society. Coming from a city like Rotterdam, with a lot of different cultures and people, I love to showcase diversity! Being able to be authentic is super important to me and feels like something to celebrate everyday!


My clients include Jeans Centre & Garcia, Burker Watches, Sapph Lingerie, French Connection, Harmen Kardonn, Motorola, Faber Betonpompen, AVDR, Gastvrijheid in bedrijf, Farber & Zwaanshals and various freelancers who need pictures for their website.

Business: Comfort is key!

I work a lot as a business photographer, taking my clients portrait for their website and social pages. I love taking pictures of people that they enjoy! Most people walk in my studio telling me that they hate to have their picture taken. But in our current society it is essential to have representative pictures of yourself. There lies the beauty of my job as a photographer: taking a picture that my client looks back on and enjoys while making it look professional. I want it to be an experience people can enjoy!