Base Package:

1 fully retouched picture
1 backdrop color
1 outfit
€250,- excl. tax

Package 1

5 retouched pictures’s
3 backdrop colors
3 outfits
€750,- excl. tax

Package 2

10 retouched pictures
4 backdrop colors
4 outfits
€1250,- excl. tax

Package 3

10 retouched pictures
3 backdrop colors
3 outfits
3 make-up and hair looks included
€1435,- excl. tax


1 extra set-up costs €225,- excl. tax
1 extra retouched picture costs €40,- excl. tax

Except for package 3, there is no make-up and hair included in the packages.
I work with different make-up artist who each deliver high quality make-up looks. They have been selected on skills, knowledge and hospitality. My make-up artists charge €85,- excluding tax for 1 look and €35,- excluding tax for hairstyling.
You can also book a stylist for your shoots. Prices range from €150,- excluding tax per look up to a fee for the entire day for €350,- excluding tax.

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